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We are a truly unique community of design professionals. Our members, mainly residing in Japan, are leaders in architectural design, construction, research, education, and other allied practices, with strong ties to counterpart professionals in the US and the international architectural community.

AIA Japan was founded in 2005 by five dedicated AIA members residing and working in Japan. Today, we are one of seven International AIA Chapters that make up the AIA International Region, with more than 70 members across Japan (there are more than 90,000 AIA members across the globe). In 2015, AIA Japan was officially incorporated as a non-profit General Incorporated Association (Ippan Shadan Houjin 一般社団法人). We operate on a strictly voluntary basis.

All of our members, colleagues, alliance partners, and sponsors are captivated in exactly the same vision: the passion for great design of the built environment. AIA Japan exists to support this concept with professional tools, education, and activities for our members. In addition, AIA Japan serves as the bridge between Japanese and American (and international) architects.

Because Japan is one of the world’s leading architecturally vibrant nations with world-renowned architects (a number of whom are AIA Japan members) and structures, there is great interest in Japanese design, architecture, and construction from all over the world. AIA Japan is fortunate and proud to be providing a key role of this community.

 AIA Membership welcomes US licensed architects, architects licensed anywhere in the world (International Associate Member), those who are not yet licensed (Associate AIA Member), and Student Members to be a part of AIA Japan.

Now in its 13th year, AIA Japan still has ample room to grow. This is particularly true with the robust construction market in recent years ahead of the 2020 Olympic games, where opportunities continue to expand for international architects to work in Japan. We invite you to engage us, and become part of this great team.

Daishi Yoshimoto AIA


AIA Japanは、国際的に活躍する建築のプロフェッショナルによる組織です。私たちの会員の多くは日本に在住し、建築の設計、施工、研究、教育、その他関連職能に従事しています。それぞれ、アメリカをはじめ広く海外に同業の仲間たちとの強いネットワークを持っています。


AIA Japanの全ての会員、パートナー、そしてスポンサー企業各社は、優れた空間デザインに対するビジョンと情熱を共有しています。私たちはあらゆる機会を利用してこのビジョンをサポートし、日本とアメリカ、そして世界中の建築家たちとの架け橋として建築界の貢献できるよう、日々活動しております。








日本は世界有数の建築大国であり、世界的な有名建築家が多く活躍する国でもあります。世界中の人たちが日本の建築や建設技術に熱い視線を注ぐ中、AIA Japanとしてもこの素晴らしい日本の建築界の一端を担うことを誇りに思います。


今年で設立13年目を迎えるAIA Japanは、今後更に大きく発展する余地があると信じております。2020年東京五輪に向けた建設業の活況の中、国際的に活躍する建築家の皆様が日本において仕事をする機会も飛躍的に増えております。


AIA Japan 会長

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past presidents

2006 - Michel van Ackere AIA
2007 - Jun Mitsui AIA
2008 - James Lambiasi AIA
2009 - Geeta Mehta AIA

2010 - John Mader AIA
2011 - Hisaya Sugiyama AIA
2012 - Hisaya Sugiyama AIA
2013 - Yasuyuki Yanagisawa AIA

2014 - Yasuyuki Sakurai AIA
2015 - Richard Moriwaki AIA
2016 - George Kunihiro FAIA
2017 - Scott Gold AIA


policies and statements

AIA Japan operates in strict accordance with the following policies, guidelines, and statements. For details, please download the documents from the links below:

Whistleblower Protection Policy

Conflict of Interest Policy

Records Retention and Destruction Policy

Antitrust Policy

Harrassment Policy

Audit Policy

Privacy Policy

Financial Transactions Handling Policy

AIAJ Statement on Tax Filing

AIA Statement on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

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