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We are a truly unique community of design professionals. Our members, mainly residing in Japan, are leaders in architectural design, construction, research, education, and other allied practices, with strong ties to counterpart professionals in the US and the international architectural community.

AIA Japan was founded in 2005, and we are one of the seven International AIA Chapters that make up the AIA International Region, with more than 80 members across Japan (there are more than 91,000 AIA members across the globe). In 2015, AIA Japan was officially incorporated as a non-profit General Incorporated Association (Ippan Shadan Houjin 一般社団法人). 

Our values remains constant.  We believe that our works derive positive change through the power of design.  We advocate for the value of architecture, and give architects the resources they need to do their best work.  Our values are embodied in our member services, and we have offered the following services in 2018. 

1: We have had 8 continuing education lectures to provide opportunities for our members to earn CE credits.  These lectures were also open to the public to raise public awareness of the value of architecture and the importance of good design.  

2: We have given 4 design awards to our members at an annual December event.  Through this award program, we promote our members for their recognition, and commend good design of built environments.

3: We have provided an opportunity for a group of Japanese college students to travel to the Pacific Northwest over 3 weeks.  This is a program realized through coordination with AIA Portland and AIA Seattle Chapters.  We foster young generations who represent our values.

4: We have participated in 3 AIA conferences over the world, Grassroots 2018 in San Diego, AIA Conference on Architecture in New York, and 2018 AIA International Region Conference in Singapore.   By participating in these conferences, we share and exchange information with other chapters to better our member services based on our core values.  

2019 is an especially important year for our nation and chapter with the 2020 Tokyo Olympic games ahead.  The economy is still strong, and we see great demands and opportunities for our profession from both inside and outside of Japan.  In response to the current trends, AIA Japan will focus on our services to provide networking among our members and sponsors, other organizations and the public including visitors to our country.  We work to prosper our members who share the same values.   

AIA Membership welcomes US licensed architects, architects licensed anywhere in the world (International Associate Member), those who are not yet licensed (Associate AIA Member), and Student Members to be a part of AIA Japan.  We are looking forward to making a positive change through the power of design together with you. 

Akira Nakamura AIA
2019 President 


AIA 日本支部は、国際的に活躍する建築のプロフェッショナルによる組織です。私たちの会員の多くは日本に在住し、建築の設計、施工、研究、教育、その他関連職能に従事しております。各々の会員がアメリカをはじめ広く海外に同業の仲間たちとの強いネットワークを持っています。

AIA 日本支部は7つのAIA国際支部の1拠点として2005年に設立されました。現在では日本全国に80名以上の会員(AIA会員数は全世界で約91,000名に上ります。)が在籍し、2015年には完全な非営利の一般社団法人として登録をいたしました。


1: 会員資格継続の為の生涯学習プログラムの単位を8つの講義を通して提供いたしました。また、建築及びそのデザインの重要性への理解の普及を目的とし、これらの講義は一般にも公開されております。



4:私たちの会員が海外で行われた3つAIAの会議(サンディエゴGrassroots, ニューヨーク建築会議、シンガポール国際会議)に参加いたしました。これらの会議に参加する事により、共通の価値観に基づく会員サービスの向上の意見交換を他の支部と行っております。




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board of directors

President: Akira Nakamura AIA
Vice President: Leo Nishimura, Int’l Associate AIA
Secretary: Segene Park AIA
Treasurer: Hisaya Sugiyama AIA

Immediate Past President & Public Relations Director: Daishi Yoshimoto AIA
Sponsorship Director: Michel Van Ackere AIA
Continuing Education Director: James Lambiasi AIA
International Region Japan Region Representative: Scott Gold AIA

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past presidents

2006 - Michel van Ackere AIA
2007 - Jun Mitsui AIA
2008 - James Lambiasi AIA
2009 - Geeta Mehta AIA

2010 - John Mader AIA
2011 - Hisaya Sugiyama AIA
2012 - Hisaya Sugiyama AIA
2013 - Yasuyuki Yanagisawa AIA

2014 - Yasuyuki Sakurai AIA
2015 - Richard Moriwaki AIA
2016 - George Kunihiro FAIA
2017 - Scott Gold AIA

2018 - Daishi Yoshimoto AIA


policies and statements

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